What is the most private photo you have ever taken?

Post Credits: Marty McCall (Quora)


I took this photo 1 year and 2 days ago today, as my father lay in a hospital bed. It shows him in the warm filtered light of the hospice care bedroom window, adorned with a hospital gown and breathing tube, and a mustache and beard he hadn’t worn in years. It doesn’t adequately convey a man racked with pneumonia and dementia and advanced Parkinson’s disease. It can’t share the broken rhythm of his wheezing, marching out of time with the overworked and outmatched portable oxygen machine.

The photo doesn’t depict the restraints that kept him from throwing himself to the floor, or from further damaging his broken foot. It doesn’t portray the thrashing as he tried to free himself, not understanding why he, a claustrophobe, suddenly found himself captive in a strange bed. It doesn’t express the hurt as his children refused to whisk him away to a place without tubes and alarms and prodding doctors.

But the photo also doesn’t capture the 77 years he wasn’t in a hospital bed.

It ignores the charismatic singer, belting out Sinatra standards to an adoring crowd.

It overlooks the hard-working carnie, waking up long before the sun, driving a hundred miles to this weekend’s county fair, booths and cotton candy machine and other assorted carnival gear in tow.

It doesn’t understand the honest used car salesman, embarrassed by success in a job he despised, despite it providing his family with money for food and lodging and whatever else life required.

It fails to detail the myriad businesses started by a tireless entrepreneur: the newspaper for police departments; the social security card-by-mail service; the year-round Christmas stocking retailer; the sandwich shop; the ice cream parlor; the spice shop; the candy apple kingpin. Nor the ache as they each came to their own unique ends.

It has no inkling of his three marriages, or his three divorces, or the years he spent refusing to date, so as to provide a more stable home for me, his son. It doesn’t know anything about his three daughters, who grew up mostly with their mothers. It especially doesn’t know anything about the fourth daughter, who, in a better world, would be alive and the eldest of all.

It doesn’t give any indication of the things he gave to his children, knowledge and wisdom, joy and strength, ingenuity and creativity, love and safety. It cannot hope to express a life he dedicated to making his children be well, be better, and be good.

And it can’t see the pain those children felt as they saw that life stripped away from him, first by circumstance, then Parkinson’s, then Alzheimer’s, then a series of hard falls on a slippery kitchen floor.

What this photo does show is my father, the day before he died. Laid bare of all he was, or all that he ever might be, waiting for an oblivion that would come much too soon.

Celebrate The Little Things!


So this is what I woke up to this morning! 😀 50 WordPress Followers! 😀 YAY!!

We all write things we wanna share and at times we get lucky and write something nice. And sometimes we also write things that are bizarre to many but it makes sense to us. Don’t we? 😀
But throughout the journey its the people who help us & motivate us to keep writing 🙂
I’d love to Thank ALL OF YOU who spare your precious time to read my posts, like it and Follow Wanderage. I’m humble & I’m so grateful 🙂

Haven’t we heard a zillion times that little things make us happy? Well, this is one of my little things that not only makes me happy, but also encourages me to keep writing and expressing!

Until then, Keep Celebrating Little Things.
Keep Celebrating Life! ❤

❤ Lots of Love,
Neha 🙂

Let go, Let God (A Poem)

Created By: Unknown


As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,
I bought my broken dreams to God,
because He was my friend.
But then, instead of leaving Him at peace to work alone,
I hung around, and tried to help
with ways that were my own.
At last I snatched them back and cried,
“How can you be so slow?”
“My child,” He said, ” what could I do? You never did let go.”

**Faith is leaving it all to God. He knows what’s best for you.

‘My Life – Last Week’ Report – Kicked Off!

Hola Guys! 😀

FIRST OF ALL, the title is ‘My Life – Last Week’  not ‘My Life’s Last Week’. So please get it right!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I always post things that have a message or a meaningful content.

But it’s time to add a little variety to my blog. After all, ‘Variety Is The Spice Of Life’ 😉
I will present my week’s report (FYI I’ve named the report ‘My Life – Last Week’ 😛 😀 ) on Sundays, not every Sunday though. Depends on how interesting/boring my week was!

If you like this idea then do ‘Like’ it. It’ll make very happy 🙂 But if you’re not very impressed then I’m really SORRY, I’m still gonna go ahead and write, because it feels right 🙂 I’d like people to know the real me!

My Life – Last Week:

  1. First things first, I changed the look and feel of my blog. It’s more colorful, glittery, in short – it’s a little more Girly now.
    FYI Boys & Men, There is no too much Pink. So feel free to check it out!
  2. I came across an awesome blog by a super cool woman. Do check out – Talesfromthecabbagepatch. Her posts are hilarious!
    • I was in FBB when I got myself an extremely pretty Lee Cooper dress worth 1600 INR for 800 INR – 50% off. 😀 So that makes approximately 11 USD.
      And a regular casual pajama for 350 INR, i.e. approx. 5 USD.
    • A travel bag for my upcoming mini-trip to Kolkata (India) this month.
      I’m so EXCITEDDD!!!
    • Here comes the story of Luck By Chance.
      I was on my way back home and I came across this small new shop where they were selling clothes for THE CHEAPEST PRICES I’VE EVER SEEN!
      I was shocked to see a Basics Shirt in the Men’s section & that’s when I kinda figured out that these pieces have minor defects and the whole lot is rejected. I had to be extra-careful and over-investigative before I decide to buy one.
      I bought 1 tank top, 2 full-sleeved tops & again 2 very cute pajamas for just 477 INR, i.e. approx. 7 USD (Yes, all together!). Cheapest shopping ever! 😉 😀
  4. It was raining cats and dogs in Chennai on Wednesday evening. I LOVED IT! ❤
    Rain makes me happy, it makes everything so beautiful.:D And I wrote my post on Karma right after!
  5. One of my close friends lost her Father to cancer this Friday and that was very unfortunate. All I can say is that, I pray for her and her family and I’ll be there whenever she needs me.
  6. Lessons learnt this week – Sometimes, Honesty is NOT the best Policy!
  7. And last but not the least, I’ve been planning a little for my Mom’s birthday that is on July 13th 😀 I literally can’t wait until Wednesday!

That’s all Guys!
I wish you all have a fantastic week ahead 🙂
Keep experimenting & Keep enjoying Life! ❤

Karma – A Burden Or A Sheild?


With a pity I fixed my eyes on that poor little thing.

Crawling its way through the dirt. Carrying the weight of its own home, wherever it goes.

Probably it is not even aware of the load it holds, since it was born with it.

However, the shell – its home is not always a burden.

Perhaps it shields the creature, from the hazards around.

But it will never live liberated of the burden, or die!


In that moment, I was happy to be a human.

My fragile shoulders are free from a load equivalent to my body’s weight.


Then I pondered – Am I really set free? Am I not born with a burden to carry?

“Deeds – The Karma” says the instinct.

“You’re crawling your way through the worldly dirt. Carrying the weight of your own actions, wherever you go.

Probably you’re not even aware of the load you hold, since you were born with it.

However, the Deeds – Your Karma are not always a burden.

Perhaps your noble deeds shield you, from the hazards around.

But you will never live liberated of the Karma, or die!”


Blogger Recognition Award!


Ahem…Ahem!! I’m Ready!! 😉

So, I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my blogger-friend Thenewleaf2016. I would like to say a humble and a gracious Thank You to him 🙂
While I came across Kamakhya’s Blog, I found his writing to be very simple, yet moving. I’ve admired the ease with which he delivers the feelings and the ambience to the reader. Do check out his blog! 🙂

I’m a naive blogger and I’m not even sure if these awards and nominations are for real. So that’s kinda funny to me! 😀

It feels great not because I’ve been nominated for this award, but because some people do like to read what I write. And that’s motivating! It makes me HAPPY! 🙂


I remember well, that was a frustrating noon. Frustrating because I was having no fun with the work I did. I felt like a machine! Then I thought “Why not write about it?“.
And the journey began 🙂

The motive behind my blogging was both selfish & generous.
Selfish because I wanted to feel good and do something that made me happy!
Generous because I somehow wanted to contribute to people’s lives, people whom I did not know.

Blogging is not mere a platform for self-expression, but to learn more for/about myself!


For everyone’s information, I am a new blogger myself. I need some advice here please! 😀

On a serious note, my piece of advice to the new bloggers would be
1. Write for yourself.
2. Your writing matters, Not the number of followers.
3. Write about anything/everything you love, and never stop!


I’d like to nominate people specifically for the posts that I loved & motivated me.

  1. Anjana Ramesh – Know Where To Reveal Your Originality
  2. Sandeep Kanabar – Yes, I don’t drive!
  3. Anusha Narasimhan – 42!
  4. Aki – 7 ways to change life
  5. Tony Vega – Where Do I Get My Post Ideas From?

Hope you guys have fun reading these! 😉


 Write a post to show your award.
Thank the person that nominated you.
Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
Give advice to other bloggers.
Nominate the deserving ones.

Until then, Keep having fun & enjoy Life! ❤

Myths About Women, Busted!

Girls-1-620x465_2765097b“Trying to understand women is like trying to smell the color 9”

Multiple volumes of books have been written to understand women, but still they (men) fail!
Girls are complicated”, “No one can understand a woman” they say for the umpteenth time.

  • Does it take six months to choose a haircut?
  • So long to get ready for bed?
  • My god—that closet!
  • A high pitch noise when they see a puppy!

Being a young woman, I can honestly confess that it only makes us proud in not being understandable. Being called mysterious makes us happy!  Because that implies that someone is curious about us. That also denotes that someone wants to know us better.

Here are the facts behind the 8 myths that men often assume very quickly.

She is so sweet and innocent (DUMB).
Women have a disposition of an actress. They look sweet but they are way smarter than what you think.
After your first meeting while you’re busy planning the date tomorrow, she would probably be setting her benchmarks and strategizing the twenty-one tests that you’ll have to go through. Oh, and wait for the best part. You won’t even know you’re being investigated and judged. Good for you!

Bad Temper – She has her chums!
Yeah. That’s the strangest thing I’ve heard too.
Women are not very comfortable during their cycles but that doesn’t annoy them. It could probably piss-off a girl who is new to the adult-hood, but woman are matured enough to handle themselves. Come on, stupidity and non-sense can aggravate anyone.

“Hasi toh phasi!”
Indian men tend to believe the phrase ‘Hasi toh phasi’ which means ‘if she smiled/laughed, she is trapped’. This is a bizarre logic.
Like Newton says, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, she would just be reciprocating your smile with a smile and your jokes with a laugh. That’s all! Nothing more!

Her NO signifies a YES, Always!
NO. Sometimes, a NO just means a NO!
Trust me there are different kinds of NOs.
Men really need to work hard on understanding the difference between a NO and a NO. Well I mean, a NO as in Yes and a NO as in No. I mean, chuck it!

She likes ‘Bad Boys’.
NO. And this time, the NO means a NO.
Every woman values and respects a gentleman. Honesty, strong commitment and compatibility would top any woman’s list.
But women also prefer men who are expressive about love and everything. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”, while good guys and the gentlemen are hesitant and figuring out a proper way to confess, the bad boys just do it or fake it with ease! And women tend to love the affectionate man behind the Bad Boy’s veil, not the Bad Boy himself.

One can never win an argument with a woman.
Women tend to have better memory and great presence of mind. That’s why in an argument, she’s is able to bring up something that had happened on 26th November 2013, 11:46 AM.
However, this doesn’t imply that she never loses an argument. We do give up if you’ve a valid point. We listen and obey if and ONLY if you’re right.

She always counts on her special-friend/boyfriend/husband.
The fact is though she is a matured and an independent woman, she still chooses to rely on that one special man – the special friend/boyfriend/husband. Not because she is feeble, but because she loves him. She’s well aware that the little male-ego that hides in him, can ruin the bond. She knows that it is important for the man TO BE THE MAN in a relationship.

They are desperate for marriage, All the Time!
Alright this statement can sometimes be true, but the problem is when men generalize it!
Every woman is an individual and individuals have individualities. Opinions, choices and priorities differ. There could be one woman who always wished to get married and have babies, whereas the other worked towards flourishing her career while marriage could wait and several others who are just as resistant about marriage as few men are.

Not knowing the culmination point of the book is what keeps the reader going. Once the reader finishes it all, he closes the book and keeps it aside.
Similarly, it is good for men (and for the women too 😉 ) to keep solving the mystery and have themselves involved.

Understanding a woman’s brain might not be a cake walk, but sometimes things are better left unchanged!


The Writer’s Genie!

Occupied by the random thoughts, I rest in my own space.
I, my mind and the solitude, with no-one else at the place.
Out of the blue, with no consent, I sense someone is here.
Offers me his inventiveness, and demands me to adhere.


Being a few posts old as a blogger, I’ve observed some common things that I’m sure every writer or any person involved in creative work would relate to.

  1. It’s Not You. It’s The Genie.

Ever wondered how, from nowhere you get the notions? The amazing ideas worth a million that you just can’t afford to miss.
Does it come from you – the Self?

                Ray Bradbury – “Surprise is where creativity Comes In

                Euginia Herlihy – “Creativity is an endless source that Comes From Above…”

People from the ancient Greece and Rome believed that creativity didn’t belong to a person, but was a divine spirit that often came to human from a distant unknowable source. It’s the Genie!

  1. Don’t Trust The Genie.

Remember the time when you were writing, you began with a connection towards your subject. The sense of immersion that led to a beautiful thought flow and proper eloquence in the content.

What happened then?

Suddenly you’re drawn back to the NOW moment – the reality and that disrupts the imagination. The obsession is gone.  The Genie is gone, leaving you half-way with HIS piece of work.

Philip Guston – “I go to my studio every day, because one day I may go and the Angel will be there. What if I don’t go and the Angel came?”

  1. The Struggles You Face Alone.

Well, you could be one of those principled Humanitarians, who believes in ‘Finish What You Started’. But the fact is, you didn’t start it. You were just an intermediate, between the source and the outcome.

You finally decide to be the better person and do your part of the deal. You decide to complete HIS piece of work and keep writing!

You try and give your best, but it just wouldn’t turn as good as the Genie’s (HIS piece of work). You crawl, you grumble, you go beyond your limits and by some means conclude your conclusion. With a sigh of relief, you read through the entire work.

  1. The Result Is Not All Yours.

You’re not sure if people will read it, love it or hate it. But you’re sure that the art will be neglected in the favor of the artist.
If the outcome is positive, the artist is enslaved with the vast expectations of future success.
If the outcome is negative, the impression of failure kills the artistry in the artist.

Either way, it is too much to handle for a creation born with imperfections, strengths and weaknesses, success and failures.

Remember the fact that the result is not all yours, because HIS piece of work was also involved.Just keep doing what you are supposed to do, give it your best. And if doesn’t turn out to be good – Well, you’ve got a LAME GENIE!

Marriages In India

Created by: Unknown

Sharing the funny truth behind MOST  Indian marriages.


Marriages in INDIA…!!
(Words from a Parent)
1. You are getting old. You should get married.
2. You are going bald/ growing fat/ becoming ugly. You should get married.
3. All your friends are married. You should get married.
4. You get bored all the time. You should get married.
5. School done. College done. Job done. What else is to be done? You should get married.
6. Delayed marriage can cause infertility. You should get married.
7. Your younger siblings cannot get married before you. You should get married.
8. Sharma Uncle, Verma Aunty and other relatives keep asking all kinds of questions. You should get married.
9. It is our duty and responsibility to get you married. You should get married.
10. It is your great-great-Grandfather’s last wish. You should get married.

Hope you enjoyed reading! 😀