Blogger Recognition Award!


Ahem…Ahem!! I’m Ready!! 😉

So, I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my blogger-friend Thenewleaf2016. I would like to say a humble and a gracious Thank You to him 🙂
While I came across Kamakhya’s Blog, I found his writing to be very simple, yet moving. I’ve admired the ease with which he delivers the feelings and the ambience to the reader. Do check out his blog! 🙂

I’m a naive blogger and I’m not even sure if these awards and nominations are for real. So that’s kinda funny to me! 😀

It feels great not because I’ve been nominated for this award, but because some people do like to read what I write. And that’s motivating! It makes me HAPPY! 🙂


I remember well, that was a frustrating noon. Frustrating because I was having no fun with the work I did. I felt like a machine! Then I thought “Why not write about it?“.
And the journey began 🙂

The motive behind my blogging was both selfish & generous.
Selfish because I wanted to feel good and do something that made me happy!
Generous because I somehow wanted to contribute to people’s lives, people whom I did not know.

Blogging is not mere a platform for self-expression, but to learn more for/about myself!


For everyone’s information, I am a new blogger myself. I need some advice here please! 😀

On a serious note, my piece of advice to the new bloggers would be
1. Write for yourself.
2. Your writing matters, Not the number of followers.
3. Write about anything/everything you love, and never stop!


I’d like to nominate people specifically for the posts that I loved & motivated me.

  1. Anjana Ramesh – Know Where To Reveal Your Originality
  2. Sandeep Kanabar – Yes, I don’t drive!
  3. Anusha Narasimhan – 42!
  4. Aki – 7 ways to change life
  5. Tony Vega – Where Do I Get My Post Ideas From?

Hope you guys have fun reading these! 😉


 Write a post to show your award.
Thank the person that nominated you.
Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
Give advice to other bloggers.
Nominate the deserving ones.

Until then, Keep having fun & enjoy Life! ❤

Myths About Women, Busted!

Girls-1-620x465_2765097b“Trying to understand women is like trying to smell the color 9”

Multiple volumes of books have been written to understand women, but still they (men) fail!
Girls are complicated”, “No one can understand a woman” they say for the umpteenth time.

  • Does it take six months to choose a haircut?
  • So long to get ready for bed?
  • My god—that closet!
  • A high pitch noise when they see a puppy!

Being a young woman, I can honestly confess that it only makes us proud in not being understandable. Being called mysterious makes us happy!  Because that implies that someone is curious about us. That also denotes that someone wants to know us better.

Here are the facts behind the 8 myths that men often assume very quickly.

She is so sweet and innocent (DUMB).
Women have a disposition of an actress. They look sweet but they are way smarter than what you think.
After your first meeting while you’re busy planning the date tomorrow, she would probably be setting her benchmarks and strategizing the twenty-one tests that you’ll have to go through. Oh, and wait for the best part. You won’t even know you’re being investigated and judged. Good for you!

Bad Temper – She has her chums!
Yeah. That’s the strangest thing I’ve heard too.
Women are not very comfortable during their cycles but that doesn’t annoy them. It could probably piss-off a girl who is new to the adult-hood, but woman are matured enough to handle themselves. Come on, stupidity and non-sense can aggravate anyone.

“Hasi toh phasi!”
Indian men tend to believe the phrase ‘Hasi toh phasi’ which means ‘if she smiled/laughed, she is trapped’. This is a bizarre logic.
Like Newton says, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, she would just be reciprocating your smile with a smile and your jokes with a laugh. That’s all! Nothing more!

Her NO signifies a YES, Always!
NO. Sometimes, a NO just means a NO!
Trust me there are different kinds of NOs.
Men really need to work hard on understanding the difference between a NO and a NO. Well I mean, a NO as in Yes and a NO as in No. I mean, chuck it!

She likes ‘Bad Boys’.
NO. And this time, the NO means a NO.
Every woman values and respects a gentleman. Honesty, strong commitment and compatibility would top any woman’s list.
But women also prefer men who are expressive about love and everything. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”, while good guys and the gentlemen are hesitant and figuring out a proper way to confess, the bad boys just do it or fake it with ease! And women tend to love the affectionate man behind the Bad Boy’s veil, not the Bad Boy himself.

One can never win an argument with a woman.
Women tend to have better memory and great presence of mind. That’s why in an argument, she’s is able to bring up something that had happened on 26th November 2013, 11:46 AM.
However, this doesn’t imply that she never loses an argument. We do give up if you’ve a valid point. We listen and obey if and ONLY if you’re right.

She always counts on her special-friend/boyfriend/husband.
The fact is though she is a matured and an independent woman, she still chooses to rely on that one special man – the special friend/boyfriend/husband. Not because she is feeble, but because she loves him. She’s well aware that the little male-ego that hides in him, can ruin the bond. She knows that it is important for the man TO BE THE MAN in a relationship.

They are desperate for marriage, All the Time!
Alright this statement can sometimes be true, but the problem is when men generalize it!
Every woman is an individual and individuals have individualities. Opinions, choices and priorities differ. There could be one woman who always wished to get married and have babies, whereas the other worked towards flourishing her career while marriage could wait and several others who are just as resistant about marriage as few men are.

Not knowing the culmination point of the book is what keeps the reader going. Once the reader finishes it all, he closes the book and keeps it aside.
Similarly, it is good for men (and for the women too 😉 ) to keep solving the mystery and have themselves involved.

Understanding a woman’s brain might not be a cake walk, but sometimes things are better left unchanged!


The Writer’s Genie!

Occupied by the random thoughts, I rest in my own space.
I, my mind and the solitude, with no-one else at the place.
Out of the blue, with no consent, I sense someone is here.
Offers me his inventiveness, and demands me to adhere.


Being a few posts old as a blogger, I’ve observed some common things that I’m sure every writer or any person involved in creative work would relate to.

  1. It’s Not You. It’s The Genie.

Ever wondered how, from nowhere you get the notions? The amazing ideas worth a million that you just can’t afford to miss.
Does it come from you – the Self?

                Ray Bradbury – “Surprise is where creativity Comes In

                Euginia Herlihy – “Creativity is an endless source that Comes From Above…”

People from the ancient Greece and Rome believed that creativity didn’t belong to a person, but was a divine spirit that often came to human from a distant unknowable source. It’s the Genie!

  1. Don’t Trust The Genie.

Remember the time when you were writing, you began with a connection towards your subject. The sense of immersion that led to a beautiful thought flow and proper eloquence in the content.

What happened then?

Suddenly you’re drawn back to the NOW moment – the reality and that disrupts the imagination. The obsession is gone.  The Genie is gone, leaving you half-way with HIS piece of work.

Philip Guston – “I go to my studio every day, because one day I may go and the Angel will be there. What if I don’t go and the Angel came?”

  1. The Struggles You Face Alone.

Well, you could be one of those principled Humanitarians, who believes in ‘Finish What You Started’. But the fact is, you didn’t start it. You were just an intermediate, between the source and the outcome.

You finally decide to be the better person and do your part of the deal. You decide to complete HIS piece of work and keep writing!

You try and give your best, but it just wouldn’t turn as good as the Genie’s (HIS piece of work). You crawl, you grumble, you go beyond your limits and by some means conclude your conclusion. With a sigh of relief, you read through the entire work.

  1. The Result Is Not All Yours.

You’re not sure if people will read it, love it or hate it. But you’re sure that the art will be neglected in the favor of the artist.
If the outcome is positive, the artist is enslaved with the vast expectations of future success.
If the outcome is negative, the impression of failure kills the artistry in the artist.

Either way, it is too much to handle for a creation born with imperfections, strengths and weaknesses, success and failures.

Remember the fact that the result is not all yours, because HIS piece of work was also involved.Just keep doing what you are supposed to do, give it your best. And if doesn’t turn out to be good – Well, you’ve got a LAME GENIE!

Marriages In India

Created by: Unknown

Sharing the funny truth behind MOST  Indian marriages.


Marriages in INDIA…!!
(Words from a Parent)
1. You are getting old. You should get married.
2. You are going bald/ growing fat/ becoming ugly. You should get married.
3. All your friends are married. You should get married.
4. You get bored all the time. You should get married.
5. School done. College done. Job done. What else is to be done? You should get married.
6. Delayed marriage can cause infertility. You should get married.
7. Your younger siblings cannot get married before you. You should get married.
8. Sharma Uncle, Verma Aunty and other relatives keep asking all kinds of questions. You should get married.
9. It is our duty and responsibility to get you married. You should get married.
10. It is your great-great-Grandfather’s last wish. You should get married.

Hope you enjoyed reading! 😀

You’re More Than A Facade


We see hundreds of people every day, each different from the other. And what makes all of us so diverse? Is it the character we hold or the personality we carry?

Character is something that imbibes in you, not noticeable very often. However with respect to personality which is always visible, you have an alternative. You can opt to be cheerful when you are gloomy or pretend to be confident when nervous. You pick a personality trait, try it over and over, and eventually it becomes a part of you. From a shy-vulnerable young girl at school to the flexible extrovert I am today, It’s all been a matter of choice!

I think I’m not the only one has the Fake It Till You Make It Syndrome. Check if you have these symptoms.

  1. The ‘I’m not good enough. I need to fit in’ Symptom.

Often happens when people believe that the kind of person they are trying to be, is way better than what they are. Basically they want a better version of themselves or long for social acceptance/appreciation.

  1. The ‘What will people think’ Symptom

I’m sure every Indian can relate to this – ‘Log kya kahenge – What will people say’ thing. Most parents across the world would say this, if their child wants to be in a homosexual relationship.

  1. The ‘Hide your emotions and qualities’ Symptom

Efforts to hide your pain, guilt or weaknesses, either for good or just to act invulnerable.

  1. The ‘I’m just too modest’ Symptom

Sometimes people are too talented and don’t want to show-off. By God’s grace, I’m very rarely affected by this symptom.

  1. The ‘I wanna be like her/him’ Symptom.

Happens often out of admiration and doesn’t last long.

  • I didn’t get a promotion from my Manager. Let me pretend to be better.
  • That girl/guy is too good for me. Let me pretend to be better.
  • My mom loves my younger brother more. Let me pretend to be better.

The fact is that everybody pretends, either by choice, or by compulsion to impersonate someone who is better. But now I ask – Why? Is it even essential?

The made-up personalities are more prominent in young-adults or teenagers. But the seeds are often sown at a tender age when the parent tells the child “You have to grow up and be like Daddy” or “Your best friend got an A+ while you got a C”. And when the child grows to understand the world better, people tell “Your uncle is so successful. Learn from him. Be like him someday”.

Look at him”, “Be like him” and WHAT ABOUT THE CHILD’S INDIVIDUALITY?

Motivating someone to be better isn’t an issue, but comparison doesn’t motivate. You compare a 45-year-old with his colleague, and the former is bound to turn off, feel low and insecure. If comparisons can leave an impact on the adult, a child’s feelings of not being good enough is guaranteed.

If you can’t accept yourself with all your strengths and flaws, how do you expect others to love you for who you are? Don’t lose yourself at any cost. Treasure your originality and the right people will respect it. Because to love is beautiful, and to love thy real self is divine.

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection”

~The Bhagvad Gita

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Passion As Profession

Self-satisfactory jobs, whole-hearted work commitment, loyalty and love for the profession one chooses are scarce these days. Companies use their employees as ladder to their own profits and success. Meanwhile employees choose new workplaces to improve their income and standard of living.


As a regular student I could never understand the real point of this quote. Having been in the industry for merely two years now, I’m confident that every experienced/inexperienced employee in an IT can relate to this line. I’m talking about the JOB INSECURITY the multi-national companies offer their resources. It is the fear of employee lay-offs. It is the fear of financial instability, the fear of failure and the fear of losing your job. The fear of a new job search and various interview processes.

It is the fear that holds you back. It holds you back from getting involved and giving your best on what you do. It holds you back from trying something new.

Ask yourself –

  • Doesn’t job insecurity arise because you focus more on earning than on doing what you love?
  • Do you believe in pursuing your passion as a career?
  • Will pursuing the career you love leave you bankrupt?
  • Won’t you be happier and more productive if you do what you love doing?
  • Won’t you be more satisfied if you make the right career choices?

I’ve heard when you love what you do, you’re bound to be successful. Even if you don’t succeed, the idea of enjoying what you do and giving it your best leaves you satisfied. I believe that passion ignites your work, and like a rocket, it accelerates you past road blocks that may come about. Any obstacle that comes your way is accepted and fought off with a creative solution.

I understand that it’s easier said than done. But at the end of the day, we all fail to get out of our comfort zone. We fail to live for ourselves. For us, by hook or crook, EARNING MATTERS! MONEY MATTERS! And sadly most of us “The Normal People – Like Me” tend to choose the easiest and safest careers. We choose to Go through life and not Grow through life. We happily compromise with our dreams and live ever after.

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”


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When Words Fail!


How often have we heard these expressions and idioms – “I’ve no words”, “I’m outta words”, “Words fail me”… a million times? YES!

And how many times do we actually fail at words? How many times do we really feel the things that are inexpressible, that are beyond words? Sometimes…May be! 🙂

We might not know how languages came into existence, however we all would unanimously agree that language is probably the best invention on earth. We speak, we write, we read, we listen and we imagine based on what we listen. Language can more often be the reason behind liking, loving or hating someone. Language can influence to spread both humanity or cruelty.

According to Google, there are roughly 6500 languages spoken around the world. The English language in the year 2016 has 1,035,877.3 words. DO NOT ASK ME, why is it a floating number with 877.3 (point 3) because i don’t know (that’s the reason behind mentioning ‘According to Google’)! And no more math please!


Back to point zero, why is that a collection of a zillion words across all languages fail to express the little realizations we get? These are  moments when we experience simple, yet unusual things. Such feelings and ineffable moments that seem like infinity. No matter how hard you try to catch hold of them, they slip like bubbles in water. It seems impossible to bring these feelings to life outside of you. It seems impossible to map this epiphany to words. The mere idea of penning it down would be foolishness.

Some people might agree, however some might have much confidence in their vocabulary and language skills. But I believe, no matter how extraordinary or exceptional one can be, one will always fail at words! Human can only invent the word ‘PERFECTION’ but being or creating one that is perfect is not in our hands. Our capability is not eternal. Our skills have limits. We have limits!

Though perfection is around and everywhere in the form of nature, it’s beyond our reach. There does exist something that is limitless and never ending. Trying to capture it in the form of words or on a piece of paper will never be attainable.

“The Rock! His work is perfect, For all his ways are just;…”

Deuteronomy 32:4 – The Bible

This might just not be the right conclusion, because the fact is that I’m lost and clueless on how to end this piece of writing. Guess I’m just failing at words and I always will. 🙂

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Let Things Go!

I remember the time when my dad gifted me, upon much request – my very own, first, personal Walkman audio player. I was 10 then, over a decade ago (2002 to be accurate). The struggles we faced with the reel of the cassettes and not to forget our global Fix Your Cassette mantra – “Insert a pen in the reel hole and rotate”.


Everything has become so much simpler over these 10-15 years. Even the little effort of pressing the button to play, rewind or forward is now replaced with the ease of touch.

From sending written letters to making calls via the mobile phones, jogging in the open to the room-confined treadmills, our lifestyles have changed drastically.

Things have become easy! But has it made life any easy?

Ask yourself.

  • Does having a treadmill make you fit?
  • Does having a smart phone make you smart?
  • Does a laptop make a person better professional?
  • Or does having the most expensive designer garments & accessories make you more appealing and likable?

I agree it’s great to have the best things. But is it a necessity to have THE BEST THINGS?

Sometimes life becomes all about our desires and pleasure. It’s more about the brand we wear, the phone we use, what we own, the house we live in.


Spiritual Story by Unknown – A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation began and soon the pleasantries turned into complaints about the stress in work and life of the alumni.

download (1)

Offering his students a cup of coffee, the professor brought in a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups – porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite – telling them to help themselves to the coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: “If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups have been taken by you all, leaving behind the cheap-ordinary ones. Be assured that the quality of the cup, adds no value to the taste of the coffee”

Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the pleasure giving objects like the job, money, gadgets, the clothes brand, vacation, house, position in the society etc…are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life.

The kind of cups we have does not define or change the quality of life we live.


The objective here is not that you should give up on all the things that you want to own/achieve in life. But remember, their absence shouldn’t leave you feeling incomplete and worthless.

The ‘Walkman’ was not an asset to my childhood or memories. It’s the people and experiences that we remember, not the things. To summon up, the next time you can’t afford an IPhone 8s or 10s plus, remember the happiest people don’t have the best of everything.


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Then Why Worry?

Worry” – This two-syllable word is the easiest word we’ve come across in many ways.

Easy to pronounce ‘wʌri‘, Easy to spell ‘W.O.R.R.Y‘ and Easy to get into! Isn’t it?


Staying worried is so simple!

People can get worried over anything – the past, the present and the future, the real and the imaginary, the big and the small, the actual and the fiction. You get disturbed by thinking about the less annual raise you got the previous year, how miserable you were with your ex-relationship partner/ex-business partner, why is your child always on the phone, why is your daughter late home everyday, how will you accumulate enough money for the new house and your unborn child’s future education, what if you die poor, what will happen to your wealth and property if 22nd December 2020 is the DoomsDay, blah blah and blah…

Worrying can be helpful a good thing, when it spurs you to take action and solve an issue. But if you’re preoccupied with “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios, worry becomes a problem.

Perhaps if worrying helped us lose a few pounds, it would make good sense to worry! But according to scientists, worrying increases the risk of short-term memory loss, heart attacks and other NOT SO LIKABLE things.

As humans, it is practically impossible for us to stop worrying. However, there are ways we can take things easy. Let’s do the math. 😉


Given Data:

You have 2 variables:

  1. Do you have a problem in life
  2. Can you do something about it

The variables can have the following values:

  1. Yes
  2. No

Scenario #1

Do you have a problem in life = No

Therefore, Why worry? 🙂

Scenario #2

Do you have a problem in life = Yes

So, Can you do something about it = Yes

Then Why worry? 🙂

Scenario #3

Do you have a problem in life = Yes

So, Can you do something about it = No

Then Again, Why worry? 🙂

Hence, concluding this math with a little bit of optimism.

“Don’t worry that your life is turning upside down.

How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”


Until next time, Keep Inspiring 🙂

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7 Cups Of Tea – A Review

Most of us would have come across this phrase which I believe in.

“The best things in life happen when you least expect it”

One of the good things that happened to me recently was stumbling on this online community called the 7 Cups Of Tea.


1. What is the 7 Cups Of Tea?

The 7 Cups of Tea is an online community that provides emotional service to the end users. This site connects you to well-trained Active Listeners who want to provide compassionate care to the people in need by listening to them.

2. What’s with the name of the site?

The first thing that struck my head was “What kind of name is that?” It indeed sounded way too strange and unique. Well, this is what the website explains about the origin of the name.

7 Cups of Tea is actually the name of a famous Chinese poem. The suggestion is that each cup provides a different level of healing. It’s important that our community feels that 7 Cups of Tea is a place where you can sit down and have several cups of tea with a friend. It isn’t just a one-time meeting.

3. Why did the Founder feel the necessity to create 7 Cups Of Tea?

The founder, Glen, was sitting at his kitchen table talking to his wife about a problem he was having. Her close listening made him feel a lot better, and it occurred to him that he was incredibly lucky.

Not everyone has a friend or family member to talk to at all times, nor do they always feel comfortable doing so if they can. The only other real option is therapy, but that can be expensive and carries an unfortunate stigma, plus it involves scheduling. Glen envisioned 7 Cups of Tea as a third space to fill the gap in between the two current options.



My first experience with 7 Cups of Tea as a Guest/Member was so incredible that I was looking for ways to become a Listener. Soon I trained myself to be an Active Listener and was ready to hit the floor.

Within two days of becoming a Listener i came across multiple people seeking help. I connected with people across all age groups having all sorts of problems.

  • Relationship Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • Professional Issues
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Teenage Problems
  • And what not…

For a girl like me who is naive and has always been so protected & shielded under the wings of parents, listening to these different stories across all severity was a soul-shaking experience.

In a way it feels immensely great to contribute to people’s lives via these simple and affordable means because I know, there is always someone out there who needs a helping hand.

Click Here to know more about the 7 Cups community.

Until then – Keep Inspiring! 🙂


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