‘My Life – Last Week’ Report – Kicked Off!

Hola Guys! 😀

FIRST OF ALL, the title is ‘My Life – Last Week’  not ‘My Life’s Last Week’. So please get it right!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I always post things that have a message or a meaningful content.

But it’s time to add a little variety to my blog. After all, ‘Variety Is The Spice Of Life’ 😉
I will present my week’s report (FYI I’ve named the report ‘My Life – Last Week’ 😛 😀 ) on Sundays, not every Sunday though. Depends on how interesting/boring my week was!

If you like this idea then do ‘Like’ it. It’ll make very happy 🙂 But if you’re not very impressed then I’m really SORRY, I’m still gonna go ahead and write, because it feels right 🙂 I’d like people to know the real me!

My Life – Last Week:

  1. First things first, I changed the look and feel of my blog. It’s more colorful, glittery, in short – it’s a little more Girly now.
    FYI Boys & Men, There is no too much Pink. So feel free to check it out!
  2. I came across an awesome blog by a super cool woman. Do check out – Talesfromthecabbagepatch. Her posts are hilarious!
    • I was in FBB when I got myself an extremely pretty Lee Cooper dress worth 1600 INR for 800 INR – 50% off. 😀 So that makes approximately 11 USD.
      And a regular casual pajama for 350 INR, i.e. approx. 5 USD.
    • A travel bag for my upcoming mini-trip to Kolkata (India) this month.
      I’m so EXCITEDDD!!!
    • Here comes the story of Luck By Chance.
      I was on my way back home and I came across this small new shop where they were selling clothes for THE CHEAPEST PRICES I’VE EVER SEEN!
      I was shocked to see a Basics Shirt in the Men’s section & that’s when I kinda figured out that these pieces have minor defects and the whole lot is rejected. I had to be extra-careful and over-investigative before I decide to buy one.
      I bought 1 tank top, 2 full-sleeved tops & again 2 very cute pajamas for just 477 INR, i.e. approx. 7 USD (Yes, all together!). Cheapest shopping ever! 😉 😀
  4. It was raining cats and dogs in Chennai on Wednesday evening. I LOVED IT! ❤
    Rain makes me happy, it makes everything so beautiful.:D And I wrote my post on Karma right after!
  5. One of my close friends lost her Father to cancer this Friday and that was very unfortunate. All I can say is that, I pray for her and her family and I’ll be there whenever she needs me.
  6. Lessons learnt this week – Sometimes, Honesty is NOT the best Policy!
  7. And last but not the least, I’ve been planning a little for my Mom’s birthday that is on July 13th 😀 I literally can’t wait until Wednesday!

That’s all Guys!
I wish you all have a fantastic week ahead 🙂
Keep experimenting & Keep enjoying Life! ❤

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