Myths About Women, Busted!

Girls-1-620x465_2765097b“Trying to understand women is like trying to smell the color 9”

Multiple volumes of books have been written to understand women, but still they (men) fail!
Girls are complicated”, “No one can understand a woman” they say for the umpteenth time.

  • Does it take six months to choose a haircut?
  • So long to get ready for bed?
  • My god—that closet!
  • A high pitch noise when they see a puppy!

Being a young woman, I can honestly confess that it only makes us proud in not being understandable. Being called mysterious makes us happy!  Because that implies that someone is curious about us. That also denotes that someone wants to know us better.

Here are the facts behind the 8 myths that men often assume very quickly.

She is so sweet and innocent (DUMB).
Women have a disposition of an actress. They look sweet but they are way smarter than what you think.
After your first meeting while you’re busy planning the date tomorrow, she would probably be setting her benchmarks and strategizing the twenty-one tests that you’ll have to go through. Oh, and wait for the best part. You won’t even know you’re being investigated and judged. Good for you!

Bad Temper – She has her chums!
Yeah. That’s the strangest thing I’ve heard too.
Women are not very comfortable during their cycles but that doesn’t annoy them. It could probably piss-off a girl who is new to the adult-hood, but woman are matured enough to handle themselves. Come on, stupidity and non-sense can aggravate anyone.

“Hasi toh phasi!”
Indian men tend to believe the phrase ‘Hasi toh phasi’ which means ‘if she smiled/laughed, she is trapped’. This is a bizarre logic.
Like Newton says, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, she would just be reciprocating your smile with a smile and your jokes with a laugh. That’s all! Nothing more!

Her NO signifies a YES, Always!
NO. Sometimes, a NO just means a NO!
Trust me there are different kinds of NOs.
Men really need to work hard on understanding the difference between a NO and a NO. Well I mean, a NO as in Yes and a NO as in No. I mean, chuck it!

She likes ‘Bad Boys’.
NO. And this time, the NO means a NO.
Every woman values and respects a gentleman. Honesty, strong commitment and compatibility would top any woman’s list.
But women also prefer men who are expressive about love and everything. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”, while good guys and the gentlemen are hesitant and figuring out a proper way to confess, the bad boys just do it or fake it with ease! And women tend to love the affectionate man behind the Bad Boy’s veil, not the Bad Boy himself.

One can never win an argument with a woman.
Women tend to have better memory and great presence of mind. That’s why in an argument, she’s is able to bring up something that had happened on 26th November 2013, 11:46 AM.
However, this doesn’t imply that she never loses an argument. We do give up if you’ve a valid point. We listen and obey if and ONLY if you’re right.

She always counts on her special-friend/boyfriend/husband.
The fact is though she is a matured and an independent woman, she still chooses to rely on that one special man – the special friend/boyfriend/husband. Not because she is feeble, but because she loves him. She’s well aware that the little male-ego that hides in him, can ruin the bond. She knows that it is important for the man TO BE THE MAN in a relationship.

They are desperate for marriage, All the Time!
Alright this statement can sometimes be true, but the problem is when men generalize it!
Every woman is an individual and individuals have individualities. Opinions, choices and priorities differ. There could be one woman who always wished to get married and have babies, whereas the other worked towards flourishing her career while marriage could wait and several others who are just as resistant about marriage as few men are.

Not knowing the culmination point of the book is what keeps the reader going. Once the reader finishes it all, he closes the book and keeps it aside.
Similarly, it is good for men (and for the women too 😉 ) to keep solving the mystery and have themselves involved.

Understanding a woman’s brain might not be a cake walk, but sometimes things are better left unchanged!